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NaMo Rotis Sell Fast; Cong Cries Foul

MAY 07, 2014

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NaMo Rotis Sell Fast; Cong Cries Foul

The ongoing Modi wave in the country has left very few things untouched. So much so that it has started invading your dining table even. The dhaba owners are benefiting the most from the current Modi mania as using the PM candidate's name on their food items has helped them improve their business.

Some Varanasi dhaba owners have introduced 'NaMo Rotis' on their menu. The BJP’s slogan 'Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar' is stamped on rotis before being served to the customers. Using Modi's name has helped the dhaba business manifold in a short time. Despite protests by the opposition parties, these dhaba owners are in no mood to stop using the Modi brand. All that they care for is that their items sell and if using Modi's name can do the trick, then care little.

Prior to this, some enterprising restaurant owners had started offering NaMo (Narendra Modi) and RaGa (Rahul Gandhi) thalis on their menus at different rates. Interestingly but obviously, the NaMo thalis did better business despite their higher prices.  Riding on the NaMo mania, many other NaMO items have been sold --- NaMo tea, NaMo Topi, NaMo Cup, NaMo tattoo, NaMo T-shirts, NaMo Pao, NaMo crackers, NaMo soaps and NaMo pichkaris. Some of them have also been sponsored by the BJP as campaign tools to garner support for Modi.


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