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Unbelievable? No, Hellish ! Thaek Fed To Starving Dogs By Kim Jong

JANUARY 04, 2014

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In a gut-wrenching account of North Korean leader Jang Song-Thaek's execution, a Chinese newspaper claims that he ruling dictatot Kin Jong Un got him eaten alive by a pack of ferocious, starving dogs. Jang Song-Thaek was thrown into a cage with five aides, after which 120 hounds were let loose on them, eating them up until there was nothing left.





The horrific details have been published in Singapore’s Straits Times. The gruesome act, known as ‘quan jue’ or ‘execution by dogs’ lasted an hour. The macabre ‘show’ was watched by Kim in the company of 300 senior officials probably to warn them to stay in line and remain faithful to the communist regime. In previous executions, political prisoners were killed by firing squads using machine guns.




Announcing his execution, Kim had described his uncle,  married to his father’s sister, as a traitor, a womaniser and a ‘despicable human scum – worse than a dog’. However, this is nothing new in a country which has little regard for any kind of human rights.
Kim Jong-Un is no stranger to brutally cracking down on anyone even suspected of posing a political threat - regardless of how close the relationship is. King Jong Un had his love interest singer Hyon Song-wol executed with 11 others for violating North Korea’s pornography laws. The condemned members of the group were accused of making videos of themselves  having sex and selling the videos in China. Other band members and families of the victims were made to watch the mass execution.


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