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Parliament's Winter Session Wasted 88% Time

DECEMBER 19, 2013

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The winter session of Parliament has been a complete flop with just one law, the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill, 2011, passed in both houses, one bill passed in the Lok Sabha and six other bills introduced in both houses. This was the second last session of the 15th Lok Sabha before it run out of its tenure. In the 12 sittings of the session, the government had hoped to debate and pass 29 pending bills.






As per PRS Legislative Research (PRS), a think tank working on parliamentary business, the Lok Sabha was productive for just 6% of the total time and the Rajya Sabha for 19 % time. Put together, the parliament was productive for just 12 % of its total time.



The bills still pending in the Lok Sabha are the Citizenship Bill, 2013, Marriage Laws Bill, 2013, Registration of Births and Deaths Bill, 2013, Motor Vehicles Bill, 2012, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Bill, 2011 and Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, 2011.





The bills pending in the Rajya Sabha are the Scheduled Castes Orders Bill, 2013, Street Vendors Bill, 2013, North-Eastern Council Bill, 2013 and the National Identification Authority of India Bill, 2010.


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