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Whistleblower Snowden Seeks Asylum Globally, India Declines

JULY 02, 2013

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US whistle-blower Edward Snowden, being hounded by the Obama government for his sensational disclsoures in the US spying on e-mails and who is currently sheltered in the transit zone of Moscow airport, has requested asylum in 20 countries, including India. Documents leaked by him last month had exposed a systematic, large-scale surveillance of phone and internet communications by the NSA globally.



The requests have been filed by Sarah Harrison, the Wikileaks advisor in Snowden's case. The requests were made to many countries including India, which has declined it. The Obama administration has warned countries not to give asylum to Snowden arguing that he was wanted in the US on espionage charges.


Snowden had worked for the NSA before he decamped to Hong Kong last month with his laptops full of confidential information. He is believed to be holed up in the Moscow airport transit zone since his arrival from Hong Kong.

According to his leaks, the Indian Embassy in the US was among the 38 diplomatic missions which had been spied upon by American intelligence agencies.


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