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Sanju Baba To Labour For 25 Rs A Day In Jail

MARCH 22, 2013

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 Sanju Baba To Labour For 25 Rs A Day In Jail


Sanjay Dutt’s conviction under the Arms Act is going to create a dramatic reversal in his earnings: Dutt, who commands an average price of Rs. 3-5 crore per film, will now have to be content with Rs. 25 per day for the first 6 months in jail, making it Re. 650/- a month.



Apart from having several films, he is also endorsing many brands. Taken together, these things take his annual income to Rs. 20 crore which is in sharp contrast with the Rs. 10,000 per year he will make in jail. This too, after he does hard labour in the small-scale unit in the jail.


Dutt will need to wear pajamas, cap and shirt and will now be reduced to a token number. He will get two blankets, a mat, a pillow and a sheet to make bed on the floor. In the first six months, he will be an unskilled worker and will be paid Rs. 25 daily six days a week. 



He can receive Rs. 1,500 per month allowance from his family to purchase essentials like toiletries or snacks from the prison. He can meet a maximum of five members of his family at a time, for 20 minutes, once in a month. His Sunday will include washing his own clothes, in addition to other chores assigned to him.


The day will start at 8 am in the workshop, after prayers and tea at 7 am. Between 11.30 am and 12 noon, it’s lunch time. He will continue to work till 4 pm. Between 4 pm and 6 pm, he can read books and newspapers, and have his dinner. He is to retreat to his cell, to be locked up till the next morning.


In view of his past conduct, the actor’s stay in jail may be commuted by seven days each month - of which four days is for good work and three days for good behaviour. This means he will be entitled to 84 days of remission every year. The actual remission received will be deducted from the conviction period and the convict will be set free.


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