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Special 26 Is Un-missable !

FEBRUARY 08, 2013

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Special 26, inspired by a real-life heist incident, tells an intelligent, racing story like a thriller, keeping you glued to your seat. It captures the old times beautifully, aided by superb cinematography by Bobby Singh). The pace of the movie gets ample support from its powerful background score. The only place where it sags is during the somewhat intrusively unwanted romantic track and dance number.


Anupam Kher, backed by a meaty role, stands out for his outstanding act and truly steals the show. Akshay is a surprise with pure, unadulterated acting, minus all the usual, loud action. Manoj Vajpayee, as always, is in complete command and  slips
fantastically into the role like a complete natural. With strong support from Jimmy Shergill, Kajal Aggarwal and Divya Dutta, the movie has almost a dream star cast, which needs just the right kind of director and Neeraj Pandey has lived upto the expectations raised earlier by his A Wednesday.

Unlike Neeraj Pandey's earlier 'A Wednesday', it does not have any pretensions of delivering any social intent but it arrests you, excites you and finally…..climaxes.  Un-missable !


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