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Yo Yo Honey's Vulgar Lyrics Earn Online Rage

DECEMBER 31, 2012

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 Yo Yo Honey's Vulgar Lyrics Earn Online Rage


Yo Yo Honey's Vulgar Lyrics Earn Online Rage

 Facebook and Twitter are abuzz with online rage over popular rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh’s lyrics for their misogynistic references. Kalpana Misra has via Change.org appealed for a banning the rapper's New Year's eve performance at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon. His lyrics have gained notoriety for their vulgar and demeaning content, especially in the backdrop of the Delhi gangrape incident, which has shaken the entire nation. It has been alleged that his lyrics glorify rapes and have the potential of misleading the youth. 

The 28-year-old rapper from Hoshiarpur has studied at the School of Trinity, London. He has mostly sung songs in a mix of Punjabi/English and won international awards like the Brit Asia Best International Act 2012 and the UK AMA Best International Album 2012. He has also sung for recent Bollywood films like Khiladi 786, Cocktail and Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana. His Agrezi Beat Te has been included in the Saif-starrer Cocktail too. Recently, he had become the highest paid singer in the Bollywood musical history by charging Re. 70 lakh for a song in the Naseeruddin Shah-starrrer Mastaan.

But on his way to stardom, he has penned some decidely lewd lyrics, earning him the terrible nickname - Rape Rapper. One of his songs "Luk 28 Kudi Da, 47 Weight Kudi Da" has earned women's organizations' ire over its sexist lyrics. But hold on, this is just the start !  There is a song “Main Hoon Balaatkari” to his credit. And now, the latest hullabaloo is over a 2006 song titled C****. Well, the title as well as the lyrics are unprintable, so to say.


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