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Laxmi Short of Being Great Cinema

MARCH 22, 2014

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Laxmi Short of Being Great Cinema


Lakshmi (Monali Thakur), just 14 and a fair, pretty village lass is sold off by her father to a politician who again sells her to a pimp Chinna (Nagesh Kukunoor), who runs a prostitution racket for his brother Reddy (Satish Kaushik). She is expected to service the regular customers and is groomed to impress by Madam (Shefali Shetty), the manager. She is given pads for her bra and is guided to apply makeup so as to satisfy her 3-4 clients in a night.

Lakshmi tries running away but gets caught by Chinna who beats her up. Lakshmi, along with some other girls, is freed from Reddy's brothel, thanks to some social workers.  Her battle and court room drama to fight the people, who run this business, forms the rest of the drama.

The film suffers from poor production quality, which fails to do justice to an important film. The focus is on cringeworthy scenes that leave you disgusted instead of the heart of the story. Some scenes are so gut-wrenching that you cannot help having symapthy for Lakshmi. The graphic display of brutal torture could have been avoided.


Unlike the previous films on prostitution, this one is different. Monali Thakur,  as Lakshmi, does a decent act like the rest of the cast. Nagesh had a great story to work with but has fallen short of giving us great cinema. Nevertheless, an important film that you must watch for it may change your attitude towards prostitutes radically !


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