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Bewakoofiyan Indeed

MARCH 16, 2014

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Bewakoofiyan Indeed


Bewakoofiyan is a film that just goes on listlessly until you discover that the drudgery is over. Celebrity writer Habib Faisal, who has given us blockbuster, solid plots in Band Baaja Baraat, Aurangzeb and Do Dooni Chaar tries to show how hollow from within all consumerism is and what finally matters isn’t the luxury apartment and the designer shoes but only love. Ironically, this lesson comes to us from Yash Raj Films, which has always whetted our cravings for beauty and luxury, chiffon saris and Swiss holidays.


However, the film is not totally devoid of its moments. But they are very few and mostly, we are subjected to Mayera’s father (Rishi Kapoor), asking for certified copies of her jobless boyfriend Mohit's PAN card, Aadhaar card and passport. Kapoor acts fabulously but sadly, he is burdened with a role midway between a caricature and a slice-of-life character. Though Sonam looks lovely but she tries to act and it shows.



Ayushmann is effortless, natural and at ease with his role. His frustration over losing the good life is visibly moving. Still, he cannot salvage the movie, hamstrung by a weak, predictable plot involving a jobless yuppie, his girlferind and her father. The movie lives up to its name !




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