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1800 Indians Evacuated From War-Torn Yemen

APRIL 04, 2015

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1800 Indians Evacuated From War-Torn Yemen

 1800 Indians Evacuated From War-Torn Yemen

About 1800 Indians have been evacuated till now from strife-torn Yemen where the situation has deteriorated significantly due to escalated fighting between warring groups. Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh, who is overseeing the massive evacuation operation from Djibouti, had also gone to Sanaa, the largest Yemeni city from where Air India rescued the Indians.

Meanwhile, the naval ship INS Mumbai sent to evacuate Indians from Aden could not dock at the city port due to heavy shelling. The evacuation operation was going on despite the deteriorating situation in Yemen. Though security situation was becoming more precarious in Sanaa due to al-Qaeda, India has been carrying out air sorties to take out its citizens. The situation in Sanna is getting serious amids militants stepping up their offensive, heavy artillery use and missiles during nights.



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