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Chhota Rajan, Big Catch In CBI Net

NOVEMBER 07, 2015

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Chhota Rajan, Big Catch In CBI Net

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) hast got custody of the underworld don Chhota Rajan from a court, which sent him into 5-day custody of the agency. Chhota Rajan was arrested by CBI in connection with the passport recovered from him in Bali, issued on the basis of forged documents.

The don was holding a passport in the name of Mohan Kumar when he was detained at Bali airport last month. The CBI had registered a case of cheating and forgery and under the Passport Act against Rajan. The Mumbai police is yet to formally hand over the cases against him while the Delhi Police does not have any case which may make for his arrest.

The 5-day custody will pave way for Rajan's interrogation. Rajan had not named any Mumbai policeman on the "payroll of D Company". A formal interrogation will start soon after documentations and formalities get over.


It was a slip of tongue that facilitated Rajan's dramatic detention at Bali airport. The don blurted out his real name to an officer while boarding a flight to Australia. Though he was holding a passport in the name of 'Mohan Kumar', Rajan "accidentally" told the officer that his name was Rajendra Nikalje. He was subsequently detained and Interpol Indonesia roped in for interrogation. Once his fingerprints and other details were matched with Interpol data, the Bali Interpol officials informed their Indian counterparts.

A special CBI team, constituted to handle the case, is coordinating with Mumbai and Delhi Police along with intelligence agencies to take forward the investigations. There were around half a dozen agencies involved, namely Indonesian national police, DG Immigration, Interpol Indonesia, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia apart from India's MEA, MHA, Delhi Police and Mumbai Police. A control room was set up at the CBI headquarters which was in touch with all these agencies and coordinating his deportation.



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