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India-born Raja Rajeswari Is First New York Judge

APRIL 28, 2015

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India-born Raja Rajeswari Is First New York Judge

India-born Raja Rajeswari Is First New York Judge

New York has got its first Indian-born woman judge, Raja Rajeswari, who was sworn in as a criminal court judge by Mayor Bill de Blasio. 43-year-old Rajeswari had immigrated to the US from India as a teenager and has previously worked in Criminal Courts, Narcotics, Supreme Court, and the Sex Crimes Special Victims Bureau, where she last served as Deputy Chief.

The report quoted Mayor de Blasio telling, "To ensure New Yorkers have access to a fair, equitable justice system, we need judges who are qualified, honest and reflective of the people of this city." The mayor further commended Rajeswari by lauding her "extraordinary, extraordinary empathy for others." He also lauded her ability to speak in Indian, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian languages, saying she put her history as an immigrant and ability to speak all these languages to work, "helping to reach immigrants" in the Staten Island communities where she served as an Assistant District Attorney.

Rajeswari has served in the district attorney's office for the past 16 years and has been the deputy chief of the Special Victims Unit for more than four years.


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