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Judge Gets Justice After 21 Years !

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

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Judge Gets Justice After 21 Years !

A judge in Gujarat had to wait for 21 years to get justice ! The Gujarat high court has ordered the state government to reinstate and pay R K Divyeshwar for the service he lost after he had been dismissed allegedly for arriving 'drunk' at a female judge's house. The high court felt that dismissal a very harsh punishment for going to a colleague's house uninvited and reduced it to withholding of three increments but allowed him to continue as a judicial officer. However, the state government and the high court carried on the legal battle till September 2014.

Divyeshwar was a judicial magistrate first class (JMFC) in Anand when in November 1991, he surprised the then JMFC Petlad S C Srivastava by arriving at her official residence. The female judge complained about it before the district judge, saying that he appeared drunk and had tried to misbehave with her. Divyeshwar was charged with misbehaviour, leaving Anand without prior permission and behaviour unbecoming of a judicial officer. He was held guilty after an inquiry and was dismissed in 1993. He, however filed a petition in the high court which ruled that it could not be said confidently say that he was drunk. "The petitioner, at the most, committed technical misconduct which does not justify dismissal," said the high court.

The court has ordered Divyeshwar's reinstatement and directed that he be paid his salary for the lost years of service.


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