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Equal Opportunities Commission Notified

FEBRUARY 19, 2014

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Equal Opportunities Commission Notified


The UPA government has decided to set up an Equal Opportunities Commission, in line with the Sachar committee report. The timing of the move is significant with national elections due by May. The Sachar committee recommendations were made during UPA-I, but the government is moving ahead with the recommendations only now. The Sachar Committee on minorities had noted that though the Muslims were 18.5 % of the population, their representation in bureaucracy was just 2.5%. It had recommended a statutory body on the lines of an equal opportunities commission in the UK.



The Equal Opportunities Commission will be a statutory body to ensure that minority communities are not discriminated against on religious grounds. The body will redress complaints of minority communities not finding enough representation in government employment or educational institutions.

The panel will also sddress complaints like housing societies denying accommodation / buying rights to people with a particular religious background.


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