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Tweet, Fiscal Cliff, E-reader Enter Latest Oxford Dictionary

JUNE 18, 2013

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The word ‘tweet’ now graces the hallowed pages of the Oxford English Dictionary, with the dictionary breaking its own rule of a new word having in use for 10 years before inclusion. The noun and the verb tweet (in the social-networking sense) has just been added to the OED.



Twitter is a real-time information network connecting people to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news. One just has to find the accounts and follow their conversations. At its heart are small bursts of information called Tweets, each being 140 characters long. Twitter has about 340 million tweets posted every day. Many international celebrities like movie stars, pop icons, sports stars etc have their own twitter accounts with thousands of followers.


Though the word ‘tweet’ is already in the OED in relation to bird songs, it now has an additional official definition in the June 2013 edition. Interestingly the OED had added ‘retweet’ in 2011.



Some other words to make a debut this time are: dad dancing, epic, fiscal cliff, flash mob, follow, geekery, pay day lending, the silent treatment. Some other tech words that find a place in the June 2013 edition are big data, crowdsourcing and e-reader.



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