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First New Antibiotic In 3 Decades

JANUARY 08, 2015

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First New Antibiotic In 3 Decades

 First New Antibiotic In 3 Decades

Ending a 30-year drought, researchers have discovered a new antibiotic at North-eastern University. The researchers' pioneering work on a novel method for growing uncultured bacteria led to the antibiotic. In a massive breakthrough at a time when the WHO has been warning the world of a post-antibiotic era when common infections will no longer have a cure, scientists have created a first new antibiotic Teixobactin, that can treat many common bacterial infections like tuberculosis, Septicemia and C diff.

Teixobactin could be available in the next five years. Tests on mice have already shown that the antibiotic works well in clearing infections, without any side-effects. The team is now trying to improve production so that it could be tested on humans.

Antibiotics have been the magic bullets for human health for decades but their mindless use has rendered a majority of the microbes resistant to them. Most antibiotics target bacterial proteins, but bugs can become resistant by making new proteins. A unique thing about the new antibiotic is that it launches a double attack on the building blocks of bacterial cell walls themselves. According to experts, it will pave the way for a new generation of antibiotics because of the way it was discovered.


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