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Ebola Is Global Emergency Affecting Millions

AUGUST 14, 2014

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Ebola Is Global Emergency Affecting Millions


More than 10 lakh people have been affected by the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, says the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to the WHO update, 128 new cases of Ebola virus disease, as well as 56 deaths, have come from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone from August 10 to 11, bringing the total number of cases to 1,975 and deaths to 1,069.



Ebola has been declared a "public health emergency of international concern". The WHO is finalizing its strategic response plan and expects to share it with countries and partners in the coming days. Standard measures, like early detection and isolation, contact tracing and monitoring, and infection control have stopped the spread of Ebola in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as Gabon.

Those outbreak places every city with an international airport at risk of an imported case. The outbreak is unprecedented in its size, severity, and complexity. Cases are occurring in remote rural areas and also in capital cities. Tragically, 170 healthcare workers have also been infected, of whom 80 have died.

The Ebola outbreak has serious economic repercussions for the region as it threatens to push it backwards. Airlines are cancelling flights and companies are moving their staff out.


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