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Keema, Papad Are English Now

JANUARY 19, 2015

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Keema, Papad Are English Now

                                                                                            Keema, Papad Are English Now

Many Indian words like "keema" and "papad" have been included in the Oxford English dictionary, in a reflection of the rising popularity of Indian food globally. The ninth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has over 240 words from Indian English, many of which are commonly used in Indian kitchens such as keema (finely chopped meat), papad (thin wafer) and cooking ingredients like "curry leaf".

Over 60% of the new Indian English words come from Hindi, which are selected depending on the frequency of their use. The new words in use from all over the world are studied and then selected, depending on on the frequency of their usage. Over the years, around 900-1,000 Indian words have found its place in the Oxford dictionary but this year, the number of inclusions is huge --- over 900 new words. About 20 % of all new words belong to online and social media activities like troll, catfish, twitterati, tweetable, tweetheart, unfriend, selfie, etc.


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