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Air Cabins That Make You Feel Royal

MAY 06, 2014

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Air Cabins That Make You Feel Royal



Who doesn't want to be treated like royalty occasionally? The splendid first class air cabins in luxury airlines can beat the plushest homes. The Ferrari upholstery, butlers on call in your two-room suite and shower room for guests will make you own the Etihad's 'Residence'. But Etihad's luxurious first-class cabins are not the only ones you'll ever see. Have a look at the most royal air cabins from Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Emirates, and Virgin America:


A. On an ANA flight, you can watch your personal 23-inch LCD TV and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

B. Asiana's OZ suites are 7- feet long beds and mood lighting. The airline also has the largest 32-inch TVs.

C. British Airways has 2-tone leather seats and electronic two-window shades. Illuminated blinds complete the picture of luxury.

D. Cathay's individual cabins are large enough to comfortably seat a guest.

E. You may sleep like a baby in El Al air cabins. They also serve the best wines aboard.

F. Spa kits and in-flight showers in Emirates flights. Etihad also has private chefs to dish out whatever you want.

G. On Jet Airways flight, you can have a personal wardrobe, personal lighting and air system.



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