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Bhagoriya Godsend For Lovey Dovey Couples

MARCH 17, 2014

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Bhagoriya Godsend For Lovey Dovey Couples



Even today, the Bhil and Bhilala tribal groups of MP, settled in Western Nimar, Jhabua, Dhar, Badwani and Alirajpur celebrate their favourite festival 'Bhagoriya Mela' with gusto. The unique Bhagoriya Mela, also known as Vivaah Bazaar, begins a week before Holi as girls and boys gather at haats to find a life partner. When they decide that they want to get married to a particular person, they just smear gulal on them or offer paan, considered to be a way of proposing. If the other side is also interested, he / she returns the gesture similarly. If both sides show interest, it implies that they have accepted each other as life partners. The two immediately run away to get married.

The mela has everything that any mela has - from food counters to joyrides. However, it is particularly popular with those trying to find a match. Later, the society accepts them as a married couple. Many lovey dovey couples wait for this mela to find an occasion to run away.

Before independence, the festival involved bloodshed in which rivals used to challenge each other to fight. Several lives used to be lost in the ensuing fights but later, awareness and administrative strictness gave the mela a new, positive meaning.


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