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Believe It Or Not ! Amsterdam Gets First Prostitution Museum

FEBRUARY 06, 2014

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Believe It Or Not ! Amsterdam Gets First  Prostitution Museum



Amsterdam's red-light area has opened its first "prostitution museum" to lure tourists who always wonder what life is like for those behind the infamous glass windows but could not ask. Nestled between two brothels overlooking a canal, the museum offers something different from nearby museums such as the Sex Museum or the Museum of Eroticism. It gives one a glimpse into the lives of sex workers and what it feels like to stand behind a window.


Visitors are shown a film about prostitution and sex workers with families living everyday lives. There are exhibits showing how fashions and attitudes towards prostitution have changed over the centuries.

Prostitution in the Netherlands has been legalized since 2000 and there are around 7,000 people working in the industry in Amsterdam.


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