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Trains Derail In Hardia, 25 Killed

AUGUST 05, 2015

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Trains Derail In Hardia, 25 Killed

Trains Derail In Hardia, 25 Killed

At least twenty-nine people were killed when two express trains passing each other derailed while crossing a railway bridge struck by flash floods in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh in the dead of night, sending 17 bogies and one engine tumbling into a swollen river. The twin derailment that occurred at night involved the Varanasi-bound Kamayani Express from Mumbai, which capsized first, and the Mumbai-bound Jantaa express originating from Patna from the opposite direction.Over 400 passengers have been rescued.

A fash flood caused the swollen Machak river to overflow and wash out a section of the rail tracks, leading to the derailment of the two trains. The passengers were thrown awake by the falling bogies which quickly filled with muddy water while the tracks were broken, uprooted and scattered, and a detached train wheel was visible in one section. Prima facie, the mishap was caused by heavy rains never witnessed in Harda region. The base material under the tracks got washed out and the overhead contact of the engine got disconnected because of which the trains got stranded on the tracks over the bridge on Machak river.


The railway ministry has ordered an inquiry into the twin derailment and announced an enhanced ex-gratia of Rs two lakh each to the next of the kin of deceased.


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