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Quake Toll 3600 Lives, Fresh Tremors Jolt

APRIL 27, 2015

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Quake Toll 3600 Lives, Fresh Tremors Jolt

 Quake Toll 3600 Lives, Fresh Tremors Jolt

Rescue teams have intensified their efforts to locate survivors under flattened buildings in earthquake-hit Nepal amid worriess that the death toll could rise further.  Racing against time, multi-national rescue teams with sniffer dogs and advanced equipment are desperately trying to locate survivors as hundreds are still missing. More than 700 disaster relief experts from the National Disaster Relief Force have been deployed by India. India has mounted a major rescue and rehabilitation effort, deploying 13 military aircraft which carried field hospitals, medicines, blankets, 50 tonnes of water and other materials.


So far, the death toll is 3,617 human lives as per official data. It does not include the 22 people killed in the avalanche on Mount Everest. According to the Nepalese Home Ministry’s national disaster management division, more than 6,830 people were injured. But the casualties could rise as rescue teams reach remote mountainous areas of western Nepal. Blocked roads, downed power lines and overcrowded hospitals, along with fresh tremors are hampering rescue efforts. Fresh tremors have benn felt in Southern and Western India, China, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Fresh aftershocks triggered panic among the stricken people and caused avalanches on Mount Everest which took a toll of 22 lives.

Thousands of people were forced to spend the two consecutive nights in the open in makeshift plastic tents barely shielding them.  Mass cremations are being held here continuously. As the death toll rises, the bodies are being disposed quickly to prevent a health hazard. Nepal has declared an emergency after the disaster, the worst in over 80 years.


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