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7.9 Quake Rattles Nepal, 2300 Dead

APRIL 26, 2015

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7.9 Quake Rattles Nepal, 2300 Dead

7.9 Quake Rattles Nepal, 2300 Dead

Rescue teams dug with bare hands to find survivors and dead bodies in Nepal after a deadly earthquake devastated the Kathmandu Valley, killing more than 2,300 people, and triggered a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. A big aftershock between Kathmandu and Everest unleashed more avalanches in the Himalayas. Hospital workers brought patients into the street to treat them as it was too dangerous to keep them indoors.

Among the landmarks destroyed in the earthquake was the 60-metre Dharahara Tower, built in 1832 with a viewing balcony that had been open to visitors for the last 10 years. A stump was all that remained of the lighthouse-like structure. As bodies were pulled out from its ruins, more than 200 people were still trapped inside. Some buildings in Kathmandu toppled like houses of cards, others leaned at dangerous angles, and partial collapses exposed living rooms and furniture.

In the worst disaster on the Everest, 17 climbers' bodis were recovered after they were caught in avalanches. There were nearly 1,000 climbers and sherpas on the Everest when the first avalanche struck, claiming the highest toll on the world's highest mountain. With the Nepalese government overwhelmed by the disaster, India flew in medical supplies and relief crews, while China sent in a 60-strong emergency team. Hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley were overflowing and running out of medical supplies.

Rescuers scrambled over heaps of broken timber and bricks in the hope of finding survivors. Thousands spent the night outside in chilly temperatures and rain, too afraid to return to their damaged homes. Some 49 people are reported killed in India. In Tibet, the death toll climbed to 17, according to a tweet from China's state news agency, Xinhua while four people were killed in Bangladesh. Pakistan's military is sending four C-130 aircraft with a 30-bed hospital, search and rescue teams and relief supplies.


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