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103 Killed In Pune Landslide

JULY 30, 2014

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103 Killed In Pune Landslide


At least 103 bodies have been recovered in Malin village of Pune district, which was flattened by a landslide last week after torrential rainfall.


Though the landslide occurred at 4am, the news reached the district administration quite late as the village is a remote tribal belt located close to the Dimbhe dam, 30km from the famous Bhimashankar temple and 75 km from Pune. The National Disaster Response Force rushed to the spot but the hilly terrain, narrow access, heavy rains and the slush created problems in reaching the affected people.



Environmentalists allege that large-scale deforestation had made the area vulnerable to such a disaster. They add that the landslide occurred due to be levelling of the hill for cultivation and felling of trees. Most residents of Malin village had moved there after their land had been taken over for the Dimbhe dam. There has never been such a calamity earlier.



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