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Turkish Mine Fire Kills 205; Hundreds Trapped

MAY 14, 2014

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Turkish Mine Fire Kills 205; Hundreds Trapped



Rescuers are racing against time to reach the 200 + miners, who are still trapped inde a coal mine in Turkey. Earlier, a blast in the mine had killed at least 205 workers. It is one of the worst mining disasters in Turkish history. At the time of the mishap, 787 people were in the coal mine in Soma, 155 miles south of Istanbul, of which 363 have been rescued.


The explosion ripped through the mine as workers were readying for a shift change, which raised the casualty toll as there were more miners than usual. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced a 3-day national mourning, during which the flags will be flown at half mast.

The fire is still blazing inside the mine and the air around it is swirling with smoke and soot. Most of the deaths have been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Such mining accidents are quite common in Turkey, which is plagued by poor safety standards.



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