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Afghanistan Landslide Swallows 2700

MAY 05, 2014

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Afghanistan Landslide Swallows 2700


Sunday turned into a day of mourning in Afghanistan as two massive landslides turned a village into a mass grave. The first landslide, triggered by heavy rain, swallowed 300-400 homes in the Argo district of Badakhshan province, killing 2,700 people. In a double tragedy, while the rescue work was on, another landslide swept through, burying most of the rescuers.

The authorities are now focusing on the 4,000 survivors and evacuees. The UN humanitarian groups are busy at work, rounding up food, water and medical supplies. A NATO team is sending a C-130 transport plane from Kabul with supplies, tents and blankets.


The weatherman has warned that potential rain forecast could further hamper rescue efforts and trigger another landslide.


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