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14 Killed In Russian Suicide Bomb Attack

DECEMBER 29, 2013

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A female suicide bomber blew herself up at a Russian train station, killing 14 people. This is the second deadly attack within three days as Russia prepares to host the Winter Olympics.The bomber detonated the explosives near a metal detector just inside the main entrance of the Volgograd station. TV footage shows a huge orange fireball and smoke coming out through shattered windows. Female suicide squad bombers - called 'black widows' because some are the relatives of dead insurgents - have mounted many attacks claimed by Islamist militants.





The incident adds to concerns about the government's ability to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The Games are a matter of prestige for Putin, who wants to show how far Russia has come since the Soviet Union collapse in 1991.






Volgograd lies just above the restles North Caucasia, a group of Muslim provinces that includes Chechnya, where Russia has fought two wars against separatists. The region is plagued by near-daily violence. It is home to 10 lakh people, and is a major transport hub in southern Russia, 690 km northeast of Sochi, where the Olympics start on February 7.





Volgograd is a venue for the 2018 soccer World Cup as well, another high-profile sports event.


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