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India More Dangerous Than Aghanistan

MARCH 04, 2014

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India More Dangerous Than Aghanistan

One is likelier to die in a bomb blast in India than in Afghanistan. It may appear to be strange but the government data show that India is among the most dangerous places globally as far as bomb blasts per year are concerned. India figures next only to Iraq and Pakistan, with even Afghanistan and Syria doing better.


The latest data from the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) show that India had 212 bomb blasts in 2013, which is more than double in Afghanistan (108 blasts). Though facing internal strife, Bangladesh (5 blasts) and Syria (36 blasts) have done better.


The report says between 2004-2013, there have been an average of 298 blasts and 1,337 casualties in India. This is again higher than Afghanistan's figures, which in the past five years were a aximum of 209 such attacks in 2010. In fact, together with Pakistan and Iraq, India accounts for almost 75% of bomb blasts globally. However, India has done slightly better than others in the share of attacks targeted at common public. While in the rest of the world, 69% attacks are targeted at public, India registered 58% attacks in this category.



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