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Gurgaon Most Prosperous Indian City: CRISIL

DECEMBER 28, 2013

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A study by CRISIL has confirmed what many have believed for long - Gurgaon is the most prosperous city nationally, leaving Mumbai far behind. Using the ownership of consumer durables as an index of prosperity, CRISIL found that Gurgaon has the largest percentage of households with all basic gadgets, including a computer / laptop. The study covered the top cities in 16 states.






Gurgaon, with 27% households owning all gadgets, is way ahead of Chennai, for which the corresponding figure is 24%. Bangalore finishes a close third at 23.6%. Mumbai, however, trails way behind at 15.7%. Delhi, a city state, and union territories were not a part of the study.







Over 77% Gurgaon households own a TV set while one-thirds own a computer / laptop. Over 41% have a 2-wheeler and nearly 30% a four-wheeler. Mobile penetration is also very high at over 60%. The exponential growth of Gurgaon's wealth can be attributed to the growth of financial, ITES and IT services in the city and a surge in its real estate prices. But the high incomes in Gurgaon have selectively benefited only the skilled and educated workforce and those who own property.





Raipur, the Chhattisgarh capital has emerged as the poorest Indian city with only 4.6% households possessing all consumer goods while 21% have none of them.



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