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26-Yr Man Does A Liz Taylor; Marries 8th Time

FEBRUARY 09, 2013

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 26-Yr Man Does A Liz Taylor; Marries 8th Time



He may not have heard of Liz Taylor, the Hollywood diva, who married and divorced 8 times during her lifetime but Umendra Prasad Mahra seems to have been inspired by her. The 26-year-old man from Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh has tied the nuptial knot an 8th time, deserting all his earlier wives. Umendra Prasad Mahra tied the latest knot recently on February 7.

His wife no.6 Devki Bhai had complained before Vandana Mandavi, a member of the M P Women's Commission that Umendra had married her in September, 2009 but left her about a year back.

She later discovered that Umendra had wedded five times before marrying her. According to Devki, the man stays with the wife till she gets pregnant and then would force her to abort and if she refused, he would desert her.


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