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Woman Caught Taking Test As

JANUARY 17, 2013

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 Woman Caught Taking Test As

A woman candidate appearing for a test as a “male” with a certificate attesting the sex change, has surprsied the Kahmir valley, where a majority abides by conservative values. She has become the first person from the valley to report a change of gender.


When 25-year-old turned up for the test this Sunday, confused university officials stopped her in her tracks. The officials suspected that an impersonator, possibly a man appearing for his sister, was trying to cheat them. But when the candidate produced a certificate from the Sher-i -Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences to certify the sex change, officials feverishly debated before letting her inside.


It is not clear where she underwent the gender reassignment surgery. The university officials did not identify the candidate and hinted that she wanted anonymity.


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