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Honey, It is All About Moon: Honeymoon Trip To Moon @ Re. 8200 Cr

DECEMBER 07, 2012

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 Honey, It is  All About Moon: Honeymoon Trip To Moon @ Re. 8200 Cr



A new venture by ex-NASA executives plans to send people to the Moon by 2020, costing $1.5 billion for two. The company, Golden Spike claims to have generated "real interest" and plans to sell each Moon mission for about $1.5 billion.




The missions are being targeted at countries without their own space agencies or that can't afford to launch people to the Moon independently, as well as scientific organizations and even private individuals looking to take the trip of a lifetime.




Golden Spike will likely use existing or already-under-development rockets and spacecraft. However, the company will need to commission its own lunar lander and specially designed spacesuits. The company has been working under wraps for two and a half years. Each moon expedition will involve four separate launches: two launches to get the lunar lander into orbit, and two more to transport crew and cargo.




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