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Sister Beheaded To Protect

DECEMBER 07, 2012

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 Sister Beheaded To Protect


In a mind-numbing case, a youth cut off his sister’s head with a sword in Nadial in Kolkata. People looked on in horror as Mehtab Alam walked to a police station with the head and the sword, dripping blood all along the way.




The duty officer at Nadial police station was stunned as he saw the young man with the macabre exhibits. Before he could speak, Mehtab put the sword and the head on his table, pulled up a chair and told him that he be arrested for murdering his sister Nilofar Bibi. Mehtab told the numbed policemen that he had killed his sister for "running off with a lover and dishonouring the family". Nilofar had been married for eight years and had two children also. He believed that it was "immoral" for her to live with her former paramour, Firoz Hossain.




Firoz escaped because he wasn't home. "I'd have killed him, too," Mehtab told the police. He had even attacked Firoz's sister-in-law, Saboo, who tried to save Nilofar. Saboo's right arm is nearly severed and she is battling for life in hospital.





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