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Indian Couple Faces 15-18 Months Jail For Scolding Their Child

DECEMBER 02, 2012

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 Indian Couple Faces 15-18 Months Jail For Scolding Their Child


India will not intervene in the Norwegian couple case involving scolding their child (banned in Norway), what it sees as a legal case. The government's cautious approach follows an appeal by the families of the couple to intervene.



The couple has been charged with "gross repeated maltreatment" of their child by "threats, violence or other wrongs". The prosecution has proposed a jail term of 15 and 18 months for the mother and father respectively in the Oslo Court, which will deliver its judgment on Monday.



A few months ago, another Indian couple in Norway - Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya - were involved in a prolonged custody battle with Norwegian authorities after their two children were taken away by child welfare services in May last year.





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