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7-Yr Prodigy Authors 2 Books On Fossils

JANUARY 17, 2013

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 7-Yr Prodigy Authors 2 Books On Fossils



Pritvik, all of 7 years, is a science genius with two published books on paleontology (science of fossils). The Class 4 Kolkata student has created a stir in scientic circles with his book 'When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth'.

For Pritvik, who also teaches four classes including his seniors, dinosaurs have been an obsession ever since he was just 9 months old. For his mother Indira, it's been tough meeting the demands of a very special child. But for his grandpa, he is a rare light of genius. He spends hours with Pritvik challenging him with questions.


Pritvik is already working on his third book and dreams of being a successful paleontologist.


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