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love guru opens school of love:application invited

DECEMBER 07, 2012

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 love guru opens school of love:application invited




Prof. Matuk Nath from Patna, affectionately called the ‘Love Guru’, is setting up a school at his native village Jayrampur in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district to teach students lessons in love.

 "Immortal love drives us towards creation... Love means sacrifice; there is no place for selfishness in it," the good professor says. According to him, love has two faces — the first one is destructive while the other one is creative. "



 "Sadly, today’s youth class is caught up with the second form of love. We will teach them how to set examples for the society by displaying the supreme sacrifice. School education is teaching students only about the outside world but not about inner knowledge. There must a balance between the two.” he said.



Chaudhary was sacked from service in 2009 after his extramarital affair with his student Julie — less than half his age — became public but his job was restored after he staged a sit-in in Patna seeking reinstatement.



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