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Indians Live Longer But Unhealthier Lives

JANUARY 25, 2013

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Indians Live Longer But Unhealthier Lives

Here is some good and bad news in one go: Indians are living much longer than they did 40 years ago but are living many unhealthy last years of life.

The life expectancy at birth of an average Indian male has improved by 15 years between 1970- 2010, while that of an Indian woman by 18 years. An average Indian man can hope to live for 63 years, while an Indian woman can live 4.5 years longer than a male counterpar

However, the number of years they remain healthy is much lesser.


                                                                                                                 Image Courtesy: The Times of India


An Indian male can be healthy till 54.6 years but is expected to spend the last nine years of life suffering from various ailments. Contrarily, an average Indian woman is expected to live for 67.5 years but she will remain healthy till 57.1 years only - spending over a decade in poor health.


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