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Drunken Driver To Serve Temple For 8 Weeks

DECEMBER 09, 2012

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 Drunken Driver To Serve Temple For 8 Weeks



 A man, convicted of drunken driving, has been asked by a Delhi court to serve a Delhi temple once a week for two months. The Judge Virender Bhat, while setting aside the 20-day jail term said that jail leave an "indelible blot" on his career and seriously affect his household.

 The court released Ram Phool on probation and asked him to do the community service in Maa Katyayani Mandir near Jhandewalan once a week for two months.

 "While dealing with petty cases such as the present one, wherever felt necessary, the principle in all religious scriptures that 'forgiveness is the best punishment' should be invoked," the court said.  The order came on his plea challenging the trial court’s order sending him to 20 days in jail for drunken driving in South West Delhi area. The trial court had also imposed a fine of Rs. 4,600 on him.

 While challenging the sentence, his counsel had also told the court that he had learnt from his prosecution and had vowed not to repeat his mistake.



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