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Hee-Hee !!!, Haa-Haa !!!! Your Way To Health, Opines Laughter Guru

NOVEMBER 28, 2012

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 Hee-Hee !!!, Haa-Haa !!!!  Your Way To Health, Opines Laughter Guru

India's giggle guru, Madan Kataria, who has taught thousands globally to guffaw for better health, has an unexpected confession -- he hasn't got a very good sense of humour.





He travels constantly, spreading his "laughter" mantra and has even Hewlett-Packard and Volvo as clients. Now he is setting up a "Laughter University" in Bangalore where he will hold laughter sessions and set up an alternative medicine unit to expand knowledge about laughter.




Studies already suggest that laughter releases feel-good endorphins, the brain chemicals that are linked with a sense of wellbeing. Kataria says that one needs a full 15-to-20 minutes of giggling daily to reap the full benefits. Researchers believe it may be abdominal muscles in laughing that triggers endorphins -- a phenomenon also associated with exercise, such as running.


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