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OCTOBER 25, 2012

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The Mauryas were followed in the Deccan and the central India by the Satvahanas. The early Satvahanas were in modern Maharashtra where most of their inscriptions have been found. Their most famous king was Gautamiputra Satkarni (AD 106-130) who regained the Satvahana kingdom taken away by the Shakas. His immediate successor Vashishtiputra Pulumayi (AD 130-154) issued many coins and inscriptions which are found in Andhra Pradesh.



The Satvahanas are noted for several things -


A. Lead coins, possibly the only such example.


B. First rulers to make land grants to the Brahmins regularly


C. Many examples of land grants made on copper plates.


D. Their society shows traces of the matrilineal system, wherein the mother is the chief of the family.


E. The Satvahanas are also noted for achievements in art and architecture. During this period, many Buddhist chaityas and viharas were carved out. Many Buddhist stupas are found, especially in Amravati and Nagarjunkonda.




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